Cultural Environment Summary

by | Mar 16, 2021 | College (3-4)

Section 1

  1. Discuss the importance of culture on the tourism industry. Include in at least 3 areas that culture may have an impact on the tourism industry.

Section 2
1.Choose a country with a culture that is foreign to you and summarize ten traits of this country’s culture.

  1. Describe the affect of your chosen culture on the tourism activities in that country.

Section 3

  1. Assume that you are an American tour operator.

A group of potential customers approached you with a request to built 8 days tour to the country of Iran. They are group of unmarried young people that is made up by male, female, straight, gay, alcohol drinkers as well as some nudist practitioners.

What recommendations will you provide them, regrading the cultural dos and do not when planning a trip to Iran. Give at least 8 recommendations in different areas that the local culture may have an impact on.

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