Culture in Germany and USA

Write a 1 page essay on Comper betwwen two Culture, Germany and USA.When doing business, Germans discuss issues to finer details before an agreement and commitment. Americans on the other hand exhibit different values when it comes to work culture. For example, they will hire employees based on personal performance and achievements and not necessarily academic qualifications. In business deals, they skip the minor details in Oder to have more time to discuss the important details and wrap up the deal faster. Americans are result oriented when it comes to business deals rather than formalities.Another typical trait about the Germans is their attitude towards wealth. Germans do not appreciate affluence neither do they consider wealthy people as successful. They are not friendly to rich individuals and consider them dishonest and shrewd. They prefer trustworthiness and honesty to material wealth. An honest and trustworthy individual earns more respect than a rich person does to the Germans. On the contrary, Americans value capitalism and wealth. They consider rich and affluent people as successful individuals. It does not matter to them the means of acquiring the wealth. The spirit of enterprise and individual accumulation of wealth is much alive to the

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