Cupcake business

Please do not use such word as ‘I, my our we etc.’SUBJECT : Cupcake business In your spare time, you and your team mates have gotten really good at making gourmet cupcakes and everyone who’s tasted your stuff says you should go into business, because it tastes much better than anything out there now!  You seem to have a knack for putting together unlikely flavors that taste really good together.Your task is to draft a business plan to request support to start up a single store to make and sell your cupcakes, IT HAS TO BE 3 PAGES WORTH

Please do research for me FOR CUPCAKE BUSINESS — > if you need to get some information from web make sure to link that website. on the part where you used reference)Competitive analysis(make sure to state below concepts on the essay and explain concept by concept.)Main Competitors Competitors’ Product Strengths and Weaknesses Strategies used Market overviewIF YOU ARE ATTACHING INCORRECT ANSWERS ON PURPOSE YOU WILL BE REPORTED. I WILL BE CHECKING IF YOUR WORK WAS COPIED AND PASTED.Cupcake Business Student’s Name Institution Competitors Products At to start with, the arrangement for the business is drafted, the arrangements incorporate; heaps of evaluations and additionally…

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