Current Event Essay

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Essay

Current Event Essay #1 – Instructions

The aim in this assignment is to develop your sociological imagination. Namely, this assignment will allow you to make use of your knowledge about society to create your own sociological analyses. In this regard, you will find 6 images (photos/pictures) posted within the last six months in a popular news source like New York Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Tallahassee Democrat, etc. You are free to choose any media representations you want; however, it should has a content which is related back to class material. Accordingly, you should have been able to discuss these images using a sociological concept/term/theory raised between Chapter 1 and Chapter 6. You will choose one concept/term/theory from each chapter and discuss it with the related image.

The below are the steps for the essay:

Find 6 images or media representations posted within the last six months. You can choose any news source you want in order to determine your images.

Determine which sociological concept/term/theory you will use to analyze every related image.
Write an introduction paragraph addressing six sociological concepts that you use in your analyses. Describe every concept with your own sentences here by paraphrasing their definitions made in the textbook. Please do not forget to make in-text citation after every description. Here is an example: sociological imagination is a knowledge that makes the individuals analyze the interactions between personal and social realities within the society (Shepard 2018: 7). (The author’s last name Year: Page number)

Afterwards, list every image. Under every image, make your analysis in a paragraph. Explain the link between the image and the related concept. When discussing and interpreting the image, do your best to use your sociological imagination as addressed in the textbook.

Your TAs have to be able to find where you find the images. Therefore, at the end of your essay, provide the links of the images under a “References” title. Also, include your textbook under the references section. Make sure to cite your sources properly by using ASA guidelines. Here is a link to learn how you cite your source with ASA formatting: (Links to an external site.)

Your essay should consist of 4 to 5 pages, double spaced, 12 point, and Times New Roman font. It should also contain your personal info, a clear argument, be free of spelling and grammatical errors, and make use of materials covered in class. Please avoid using autobiography or “beliefs” as evidence in your analyses.
Upload your essay and consult the Turnitin report to make sure you didn’t inadvertently use another person’s words.

This essay is worth 100 points. The distribution of the points is as below:

6 images: 12 points

Introduction: 10 points

Discussion paragraphs: 72 points (6 discussions at 12 points each)

Grammar/paper structure/formatting: 6 points

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