Current Events Assignment

by | Oct 30, 2022 | Business Studies, Homework Help

Current Events Assignment — MGMT 3155, Business Ethics

First, find an article that relates to ethics in business. This may be an example of unethical behavior, ethical behavior, legal issues, and any other issue that relates to business directly and involves ethics. Also, this is a current events assignment, if it is not dated 2018 or newer, it is not current. Make sure it is a NEWS article, not a blog or how to article.

A case from another book, or a company code of ethics, or any other kind of non-news, non-current event will result in a low grade.

Write a 1-2 paragraph summary of the article, explaining what the issue is and making sure to explain how it is related to business ethics, if it is not obvious.

Provide the URL to the original article in the bibliography.

Read the grading rubric. Make sure your work does what is expected. If you fail to excel in any portion of the rubric, it WILL count against you.

Present a summary of the written paper to the class during the assigned day.

Turn in a copy of the written document to your professor on the assigned day. Ask one or more discussion questions to begin the discussion. Make sure they are compelling, and encourage students to reply.

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