Current State of a country’s economy

Choose a country, other than the United States, that you are interested in and write an essay on the current state of its economy. As part of your essay, make sure that you identify the most important economic challenges the country faces. A more detailed discussion of the issues you need to address in your paper will take place in class.

Your final paper must be typed and be a minimum of 6 double-spaced pages not including the cover page, appendices, and bibliography. The font size must be 12, the page margins not greater than one inch, and the pages must be numbered (do not number the cover page). If you decide to include any charts, diagrams, or tables, they must be placed at the end of your paper in an appendix (before the bibliography) and appropriately referenced within the paper. You are expected to use at least 10 references for your paper.

Sources of data and country specific information:

1. CIA World Factbook 

2. The World Bank (Two links: Data and Research and Countries and Regions) 

3. World Development Indicators (new version) 

Format of Paper The paper must have the following format:

1. Cover Page: Title, Name, Date, etc.

2. Body of Paper: Make sure you have an introduction and a conclusion to the paper.

3. Appendices: If you have any charts, tables, etc., place them here.

4. Bibliography: A Listing of all the sources you have used in writing your paper.

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