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by | Nov 17, 2021 | Assignment

“Pine Valley furniture Case Study Pine Valley furniture’s customers tracking system project is now ready to move into the systems design phase. You are excited because this phase involves designing the new system’s forms, reports, and databases. During this morning’s meetings with Jim Woo, he asked you to design several forms and reports for the new customer tracking system. During the requirements determinations phase, Jackie Judson requested that a customer profile be created for each customer. The customer profile is established when new customers place their first order. Customers will have the option of not completing a profile; however to encourage customer participation, a 10% discount on customer’s total order will be given to each customer who completes a profile. In the beginning, existing customers will also be given the opportunity to participate in the customer profile process. Customer profile information will be collected via customer profile form. Gracie Breshers, a marking executive, has requested that the customer tracking system generates products by demographics summary report. This summary report should identify pine valley furniture’s major furniture categories, such as a business furniture, living room, dining room, home office, and kitchen. Within each furniture category, she would like the total sales be region and customer age reported. She has also requested that several detailed reports be prepared; these reports will associate customer demographics with specific furniture category items. Thi Hwang, a pine valley furniture sales executive, would like to know, in terms of percentages, how many pine valley furniture customers are repeat customers and how often they make purchases. Additionally, he would like to have this information categorized by customer type. For each customer type, he would like to know the frequency of the purchases. For instance, does this type of customer place and order at least once a month, at least every six months, at least once a year, or longer than once year? To be considered a repeat customer, the customer must have made two separate purchases within a two-year period.

Answer the following questions”

A. What data will the customer profile form need to collect? Using the guidelines presented in the chapter, design the customer profile form.

B. Using the guidelines presented in the chapter, design the products demographics summary report.

C. Using the guidelines presented in the chapter, design the customer purchasing frequency report.

D. Modify the dialogue diagram presented in figure 8-20 to reflect the addition of the customer profile form, products by demographics summary report, and the customer purchasing frequency report. “

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