In today’s society, the competition is rampant Consumers literally have hundreds of places to purchase from, thanks in large part to the internet. If a person doesn’t like the offerings in their area, they just have to hop online and can order from literally anywhere in the world now. So, with so much competition, businesses really have to pour the customer is called Customer Relationship Management.

Think of “Walmart” and assess their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategy.

  • How does the business measure quality? How do they measure Customer Satisfaction?
  • What do you think the business can do In order to improve their CRM strategy?
  • How exactly is Walmart going about creating customer Loyalty?
  • What Strategy are they using?
  • How effective do you think their current strategy is at creating and maintaining their customer’s loyalty?
  • If you could change one item about their loyalty program what would it be?
  • Respond to both BULLETS in at least 4-6 sentences per bullet MAKE sure to Address ALL POINTS of each bullet.

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