Write a 9 pages paper on customer satisfaction and loyalty at sambal express. The first question was designed for the localities’ of South Harrow. The question consists of the name of four renowned restaurants of South Harrow including Sambal Express such as Eastern Eye, Jaflong, Golden Sovereign and Barcelos.

When the respondents were asked about their most favourite restaurant among the five, 10% customers replied that they would love to go to the restaurant Eastern Eye. 24% voted for Jaflong while 26% of the customers selected Golden Sovereign to be their most favourite.

Another 10% opted for Barcelos. However, more than 30% customers had chosen Sambal Express to be the first restaurant they consider when they think of a perfect dine out.

The next question concentrates on counting the frequency of the consumers visiting Sambal Express. 26% of the customers select Sambal Express as their weekend destination whereas 28% of them have expressed their wish to visit the restaurant again during holidays and festivals. 22% customers visit Sambal Express over fortnight. The number of customers visits the restaurant once in a month or after an interval of 2 to 3 months is comparatively less (12% each).

The third question attempts to understand the overall satisfaction level of the consumers. Excellence of Sambal Express is reflected when 52% customers revealed that they are extremely satisfied with the overall services of the restaurant. 22% of the customers are moderately satisfied whereas.

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