Customer service lapses

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Assignment

Create a 1 page paper that discusses customer service lapses. Health Sciences Service Lapses a. The patient was made to wait for a prolonged time. The purpose of urgent care immediately fails if the patient has to wait for 4-5 hours during the checkup process. b. There was no assistance regarding pharmacy dealing for the patient. Throughout, the patient was alone, and no help was provided to her to clear her prescription at the pharmacy.c. There was the lack of staff in the clinic for patient care. Only one physician .was .present, who had to take care of the patients in urgent care as well as in family medicine.

Follow-up Questions a. How was the experience of the patient with respect to care provided by a physician? b. Was the medical staff including nurses, etc. .helpful in giving medical assistance? c. What problems did the patient face on the visit related to (time, fees, care, medicine etc.)?

Future Actions a. Hire the required staff necessary to facilitate the number of patients visiting each day to the clinic. Separate doctors should be there for attending patients in family medicine and urgent care. b. The staff has to make sure that no patient has to wait for long hours. Every task should be performed on time and must be organized. c. Curtail the excessive documentation. keep the system simple, manageable and effective.

PDCA: (ASQ 20)Plan: Improve documentation process, reduce waiting time and get new staff hired. Track the changes by taking feedback from patients.

Do: Bring immediate changes by assisting patients and reduce the waiting time. Check: Check the patients’ response on forms for checking system efficiency. Check the time each patient has to wait in the clinic.

Act: Analyze the number of patients visiting the clinic each day. send a request for new hiring of a physician based on the need. Train the staff for assisting patients in different processes. Take patients’ feedback after implementing changes.

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