Daily water intake

STAT 1000 Daily water intake (including water used in drinks such as coffee, tea and juice) for Canadian adults follows a normal distribution with mean 1.82 litres and standard deviation 0.3 litres. (a)  Can you calculate the probability that the mean daily water intake for a random sample of two Canadian adults is less than 1.61 litres?  If you can, then calculate it.  If you can’t, explain why not. (b)  What is the probability that the mean daily water intake for a random sample of 33 Canadian adults is greater than 1.76 litres?  (c)  What is the probability that the total daily water intake for a random sample of 46 Canadian adults is between 80.36 and 85.33 litres?  (d)  Using the 68-95-99.7 Rule, approximately 95% of samples of 23 Canadian adults will have mean daily water intakes between ________ and ________ . (e)  If we take a random sample of 11 Canadian adults, there is an 11% chance that their mean daily water intake will be greater than ________. (f)  Are the probabilities you calculated in (b) and (c) exact or approximate?  Explain.

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