Data analysis

Write an argumentative essay on Data analysis. Needs to be 11 pages. .Further, his/her intentions (both planned and whished were collected in addition to the probability and confidence of stopping smoking for participants from the four countries. The probability of not stopping smoking is very high for those who feel that smoking is very positive, pleasant and enjoyable despite that fact that they agree that smoking is harmful to one’s health.r /&gt.Planned behavior at time affects the real actions of a research participant. The Theory of Planned Behaviour is the model proposed for use in the determination of smokers’ attitude and the plans to sop smoking in the near future. According to Ajzen and Driver (1991), ones attitudes and behaviour towards a certain habit determine the future relations of the person and the habit. Quoting the example of smokers and their habits, Conner (1993) focuses on the social well-being of the person as a concrete part of the habits arguing that they have a strong bearing on the social well being of an individual.Accountability on the other hand is a very complicated variable which really contributes to the habit-person relationship since ones belief on how to handle certain situations determine future actions significantly (Dejoy and Wilson (1995). DeVellis et al. (1990). Godin et al. (1993)). Further, many other conditions exist which have been and others are being discussed and evaluated. Some of these are behaviour related where the person is evaluated by investigating his/her attitudes towards certain behaviours. For example, in this case the behaviour is smoking while the attitudes include smoking being a positive thing, smoking being pleasant, smoking being good or bad and smoking being enjoyable (Fiore (1992). Godin et al. (1992). Joreskog and Sorbom (1993). Hellman et al. (1993). Heatherton et al (1993)).The other belief to habits is included in the situation where a person is subjected to a certain condition and then

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