Need help with my writing homework on Data Security Solution for the Design Studio One Company. Write a 1750 word paper answering; The purpose of this report is to research the necessary solutions and to provide recommendations for the management team.

“Design Studio One is known as a leader in creative services, web design and web development in Atlanta since 2001. Located on Lenox Road in Buck-head near downtown Atlanta, they are committed to helping business development in the metro region, but their service and client base extends across the country. With their continual focus on quality and customer satisfaction, they consistently deliver successful solutions for their clients.”

The company provides solutions in web designing, web hosting, search engine optimization, website maintenance and updates, logo design and print design. Customers are able to log in through the website and gain access to their control panel. In the client login section, customers are able to view the status of their project. They are also able to enter or modify their personal information such as email addresses and credit card numbers. This panel also gives the customer the ability to test their website temporarily on the server and give their feedback and request the company to modify the project easily.

Although the current service is robust and customers have full control over their project, the management team noticed that some of the customers complained about the security problem of both servers and the control panel of the company’s website. Some of them had received so many bulk emails in their inbox from the support email of the company and some of them had lost their access to the control panel because their password and information were stolen by a third party.The management team at the company requested the server experts to check the security situation of the company on a weekly basis and the results of the primary research implied that the company’s server has approximately 400 to 800 IP attacks per day…

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