Database for a magazine publishing company

The following data structure and constraints exist for a magazine publishing company.a.  The company publishes one regional magazine each in Florida (FL), South Carolina (SC), Georgia (GA), and Tennessee (TN)b.   The company has 300,000 customers (subscribers) distributed throughout the four states listed in Part 2a. c.   On the first of each month, an annual subscription INVOICE is printed and sent to each customer whose subscription is due for renewal. The INVOICE entity contains a REGION attribute to indicate the customer’s state of residence (FL, SC, GA, TN): CUSTOMER (CUS_NUM, CUS_NAME, CUS_ADDRESS, CUS_CITY, CUS_STATE, CUS_ZIP,CUS_SUBSDATE)INVOICE (INV_NUM, INV_REGION, CUS_NUM, INV_DATE, INV_TOTAL)The company is aware of the problems associated with centralized management and has decided that it is time to decentralize the management of the subscriptions in its four regional subsidiaries. Each subscription site will handle its own customer and invoice data. The management at company headquarters, however, will have access to customer and invoice data to generate annual reports and to issue ad hoc queries, such as:List all current customers by region. List all new customers by region. Report all invoices by customer and by region. Given these requirements, how must you partition the database?

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