Decolonization in west Africa

Write an essay on Decolonization in West Africa. It needs to be at least 1250 words.The integration of nationalism was critical to the expression of hatred or dislike, as well as hostility against the foreign rule. It was vital to express these hostilities by individuals’ conscious of their national hood. The rise and development of African Nationalism were because of the internal and external factors. The internal factors were prevalent in Africa, thus massive or enormous contribution to the growth of patriotism in Africa. Some of these factors include colonial exploitation, roles of the African elites, the creation of imperialism, starring role of ex-soldiers, the influence of WACU, and formation or generation of civil entities.On the other hand, certain external factors such as the starring influence of Pan-African institutions, the US influence, implications of the UN, and effects of the WWII on African ex-soldiers did play critical roles in the rapid growth of African patriotism. These factors were essential in ensuring that African Nationalism was adequate in influencing the journey of African nations toward the achievement or realization of independence against the foreign or colonial rule. There were three critical approaches toward achievement of independence. That is through the integration of peaceful approach, war, and revolution. These approaches were vital in gaining independence from the colonial rule. In the first approach, a peaceful approach focused on the integration of peaceful protests, which were slow and steady toward winning the race to create change or realize independence.

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