Definition of good decision making

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Complete an outline for the academic paper that is the final written assignment. The outline body must have the following sections: A definition of good decision making (based on a synthesis of research you conducted on published experts in decision making) One example of an important decision you made in the past, if that decision ended up being good or bad and your analysis of why it ended up that way. Based on a synthesis of research you will conduct, what are the things that one should consider before making a decision about the same important thing you did.

Remember – This is an outline of a report you will create in the future.  The outline should tell the reader what information each section of the research paper will contain. Here is a partial list of important decisions that students have written about in the past.  You may choose one of these or write about some other important decision you have made in your life.

Deciding to have or adopt a child Moving to accept a new position Making a mid-life career change Deciding to quit your job without another job prospect Starting a new business with at-risk personal assets Deciding to declare bankruptcy Deciding to seek a divorce Deciding to marry Expatriation to a foreign country as a permanent resident


Introduction/Hook (Engaging anecdote to transition you into the thesis)

Thesis sentences

Part 1 (first portion of the thesis) 3-4 sources

Part 2 (second portion of the thesis  3-4 sources

Part 3 (third portion of the thesis) 3-4 sources

Conclusion/Charge (Wrapping up, charging the reader to make a change)

Note: All assignments submitted should be in APA format. The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) can be used to answer many of your formatting questions. The OWL information on completing an outline can be found here: Purdue University. (2015, February 11). Four Main Components of Effective Outlines. (Links to an external site.) [Website]

Assignment Objective

This assignment will give you an opportunity to complete the outline as part of creating an academic paper.

Assignment Purpose

Demonstrate the process of creating an outline prior to creating a draft of an academic paper.

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