Definition of true love

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: What is love, really.While analyzing the definition of true love, Sadhguru gave an example of a guy who fell in love with a girl that was sitting beside him on a bench in the park. Though initially she rejected him, but when he proposed her by going down on his knees, she became impressed. However, when it became dark, he decided to leave as it was too late and his wife would be waiting for him (Sadhguru). From the example, Sadhguru tried to explain that the concept of love is associated with mutual needs and interests for most of the people. Usually, people make bonding with another people by considering their benefits, needs, and comfort zone. Sadhguru mentioned that one of the easiest way to secure such selfish interests is to say “I love you” to that person. Therefore, relationship based on any kind of psychological, physical, social, or financial benefits can be considered as ‘good business’ rather than ‘love’ (Sadhguru). Sadhguru claimed that love is unselfish. It has no conditions, no needs, and no own benefits. When love is unconditional, it lasts forever and can be considered as true love (Sadhguru).Further, while discussing the foundation of love, Sadhguru has analyzed the phrase, “falling in love.” When people are in love, they ‘fall’ in love, but not ‘run’, ‘walk’, or ‘stand’ in love. Sadhguru here tried to explain that when one is in love, he/she should be ready to fall to preserve their relationship, i.e., they should be ready to give up on own interests and love the partner unconditionally. In other words, unconditional love and willingness to sacrifice own benefits for the partner are the foundation of true love (Sadhguru). Also, Sadhguru suggested that such unconditional love is not limited to person to person. It can happen with anybody. If a person spends at least few minutes each day in a company of some tree, animal, or even some small creature,

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