Degree studies in LAW

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: An analysis of skills an knowledge required to undertake degree studies in LAW, and follow a future career path in company lawyer after graduation. These legal method skills include applying and interpreting UK legislation, Law reports, European community legislations, human rights and treaties. Other legal method skills such as argument deconstruction and construction, oral argument skills and legal questions answering in both essay and problems are essential (Hanson 2012). Citing on the substantive and the critical aspect of studying Law as subject, students essentially requires a range of knowledge and skills competency in the legal system. The basic legal skills that are paramount for any law student are advocacy, consultation, negotiation, opinion writing, drafting and legal research (Gillespie 2013). Notably, becoming a company lawyer is demanding and there is need for developing strong advocacy skills for advancement and competency. Advocacy skills entail effective communication and presentation skills whether it is speech-making, proposal forwarding to clients or argument presentation (Smit, Waters & BIICL, 2009). The advocacy skills enhance interpersonal abilities of a company lawyer to be representing the organization competently on legal matters. In any successful career path especially in law, there is need for an individual to have proper consultation skills. The presentation skills are vital since consultation facilitates acquisition of authoritative information and ability to advice clients based on different legal situations. Consultation skills enable lawyers to extract information logically and be in a position of explaining concepts clearly, accurately and with simplicity (Blom-Cooper, Dickson & Drewry 2009). Moreover, the presentation skills boost lawyer’s understanding different techniques of questioning and effectiveness of challenging people while maintaining their trust.

Moreover, a company lawyer should have strong negotiation skills. Negotiation techniques portray the lawyer’s image that further boosts……..

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