Demographics of the Neighborhood

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Demographics of the Neighborhood, Kind of Species in Bronx. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Based on the above description of our neighborhood. the Bronx, the research paper also looked into the demographics of the neighborhood, kind of species (non -human, plants, etc.) living in the Bronx, the current health of those species, whether the Bronx region needs more of ‘green space and finally the Environmental injustice in the neighborhood. The environmental injustices cut across justice issues such as solid waste, noise pollution, air pollution, species interaction. Essentially, the research paper will also address three (3) solutions for the environmental problems, the researcher’s perception of the proposed solutions, and the area gaps that the next research should look into.The Bronx regions are considered by the U.S. Census-based demographers as one of the few-based diversified areas in the country. Essentially, there is a high chance of over 89.7 percent that two area residents sampled will be of different ethnicity or race. Currently, the majority race is Hispanic while whites form the lowest figure of the total population. In 2010, U.S based census, 1,385,108 residents of the area were counted. This was an increase of around 3.9 percent of the total population compared to the 2000-census figure. The 2010 census revealed that 30.1% of the population was non-Hispanic based Black or African American, 10.9% were non-Hispanic White, 3.4% non-based Hispanic Asian, 1.2% more than one races (non-Hispanic), and finally 0.6% from some other non-Hispanic races. Therefore, we can conclude that 53.5% of Bronx’s based demographic comprises of Hispanic or Latino.Moreover, based on the U.S. Census Bureau based estimates, 47.29% of the individuals aged 5 years or older speak English at home while 43.67% of the remaining population speaks Spanish exclusively in their residential areas. Other languages spoken in the Bronx include Italian, Yoruba, Kru, Ibo, and French. In addition to that, 63,212 based households out of which 38.1% had dependents’ under the age of 18 and who live with them.

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