The Further Reflection Essay #3 will answer this question: “Deontological Moral Theory vs Consequentialism: What are Their Values to Moral Philosophy?”

The essay will be the student’s opportunity to show understanding of the philosophical concepts explored in the assigned readings and discussions. Please research and write about those moral theories which you understand most clearly. Research outside of the assigned textbook reading will be expected. Remember to avoid relativist conclusions.

Suggested Topics
Consider these topics to explore. Choose one or two to write about.

Compare Traditional Natural Law Theory with Kantian Deontolotical Theory. What are the similarities? What are the differences?
Define Kant’s Moral Theory. What is the relationship between Hypothetical Imperative (if/then) and the Categorical Imperative? Why does Kant reject moral theory based on Hypothetical situations (Consequentialism?)
Define Bentham and Mill’s Utilitarianism. What are the strengths of this moral theory? What are it’s weaknesses?
This essay must be a thorough exploration of philosophy’s contribution to ethics and moral philosophy within the Western philosophical tradition. Each essay should be 5-6 pages of well-thought, thoroughly researched, argument and conclusion and follow proper MLA format. All research must be done through the Volunteer State Thigpen library. NO RANDOM INTERNET SOURCES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Suggested Resources:the top two are our textbooks ans the others are suggestions.
Russ Shafer-Landau; The Fundamentals of Ethics. 4th Edition. Oxford University Press. ©2018 [ISBN: 978-0-19-063139-0]
2.Russ Shafer-Landau; The Ethical Life: Fundamental Readings in Ethics and Moral Problems. 4th Edition. Oxford University Press. ©2018 [ISBN: 978-0-19-063131-4]

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