Descriptive analysis

Submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Descriptive analysis of a place you feel special memorable qualities. But I really like my high school and I feel the same as special and memorable, with a number of qualities. Imagine that you are sleeping on a warm bed and dreaming, and the time is 6 o’clock, early in the morning. Now, you know that sun will rise and you have only a few minutes to wake up, and somebody is coming nearer to pull you out from your bed. What will be your feeling? For sure, I will consider that person as an intruder into your privacy. When my school days were over and I was asked to join a college, I felt that my school is with special memorable qualities and I cannot forget it. For instance, my memories on my school are interconnected with my senses. If I happen to smell fresh varnish, my memory will make me remember the newly varnished furniture in my school. The fragrance from the flowers in my garden leads me towards the flowers in our school garden. When I enter my kitchen, the smell of cooked food leads me to our school canteen. Even the smell of a hot cup of coffee leads me to the school cafeteria. The partial vision of a class room leads me towards our class-rooms, and the complete view of a book leads me towards our school library.When I touch my old note books, I can feel the lecture classes. The day before yesterday, I happened to go through my old text books. Then, I realized that those text books can stimulate my thought on my high school classes. For instance, I felt that some of the books were interesting because those subjects were handled by my favorite teachers. On the other side, I did not like to open some other text books because those books were related to some other subjects, I was not interested in. While traveling to my college, I used to imagine that how the new students in our high school are enjoying their classes. I feel jealous of them because they are happily studying in my own school! On the other side, college life is different but cannot be wonderful like my high school. Now I realize that I lost some close….

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