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by | Sep 22, 2022 | Education

This assignment is meant to be an opportunity for you to both develop research questions that you could use in relation to the research area/topic that you declared in Week 1 and engage in some minor peer-review and critique. Being able to give and take critique, work through, and discuss part of your thinking in process of research with others are crucial parts of researcher skills and key components to understanding research.

Remember there is a distinct difference between responding to and critiquing another’s ideas and critiquing the person themselves. We all come from different learning experiences and backgrounds and with this we can all learn from one another in this process. No question is a ‘stupid question’ if it is posed honestly for the shared purpose of better understanding the content and implications of this course.

1) On your PLC Discussion Board provided on Brightspace, briefly state what your overall area/topic of research is; present your overarching research question; and present your three guiding questions.

2) After posting your own questions, you must then select two of your classmates’ posts and offer constructive feedback. This feedback could be a statement, a suggestion, a question, or all three. The feedback should be provided to help your classmates see their questions in different ways. For example, the feedback might point out an element of the research topic that seems pertinent but appears to be overlooked; suggest alternative phrasing; ask for clarification of the wording and/or concepts; or other comments that can strengthen the questions.

The comment and/or question you provide to your classmate should be accompanied with a brief elaboration (1-2 sentences) of why you feel your comment/question would be helpful. If someone has already commented on a post, you can add to the discussion, but you should seek to offer something that has not already been said.
The author of the original questions is not expected to respond to the feedback, but should take comments into consideration as they develop their research towards the final assignment.

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