The question to be argued will be highly relevant to educational needs in the province of Ontario (as well as internationally). In addition, the process associated with this assignment will prepare you for Board interviews and future work as an educator.

• Essay Question:
What is the best approach to developing 21st Century Skills in students? Do you believe classrooms today are preparing students and supporting teachers to meet the demands of the 21st century learning/literacy?

Step 1:
Define multiple literacies and its relationship and support of 21st century learning.

Step 2:
Reflecting on this definition are your teaching classrooms today working to these learning frameworks.
• The Curriculum: Are daily curriculum expectation reinforcing multiple literacies? (Hint: Media literacy as a helpful context).
• The Teacher: What is the role of the teacher with respect to learning
• What is the role of the student with respect to 21st century learning?
• Technology: What is the role of technology with respect to 21st century learning?
b) Another essay outline is to shape your essay along the 4Cs of 21st Century Learning (these headings constitute the body of your essay):
• Creativity
• Critical Thinking
• Communication
• Collaboration
• See,
Paper Structure and Referencing:
• Max paper length 12 pages, reference page exempt from page count.
• Font New Times Roman (size: 12)
• APA Citation format:
• Plagiarism:
• plagiarism

• Improper referencing or plagiarism will result in a grade of 0.

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