Developmental stage

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Each student will choose one developmental stage for investigation during the first half of the semester and write a paper about that life stage. Both the paper and presentation (video uploaded on discussion board) will be due on the day scheduled for the particular life stage indicated in the syllabus. For example, if infancy is your chosen topic, the paper and discussion

Selected topics for the first part of the semester will be drawn from the following developmental stages:
The topic is the effects of living in an impoverished neighborhood during the early childhood stage. Early childhood stage is from birth to age 8.

  1. Early Childhood with Impoverished Neighborhoods as the Hazard

Each student will focus on a specific hazard, challenge, disability or diagnosis that one may encounter during the selected developmental stage and produce a paper that includes the following:

  • Clear definition of the particular hazard, challenge, disability or diagnosis. Be sure to cite your source. (10 points)
  • How common is the hazard, challenge, disability, or issue? Provide research supporting the prevalence of this hazard or challenge. (10 points)
  • How does racial, ethno-cultural, class, gender or sexual identity, disability, age or geography impact the issue? (10 points)
  • Research findings supporting the idea that your topic is a risk factor in development.
  • (10 points)
  • The impact on the person, and/or family members, and/or society. (10 points)
  • Protective factors (resiliency) identified in research studies that might lessen, or even eliminate, a negative outcome. (10 points)
  • Areas/questions that might be explored in a biopsychosocial-cultural assessment that help identify the issue and areas of resiliency and support for the individual and family. (10 points)
  • Provide a list of 2-3 local non-profits or state agencies in New Mexico that serve this population and a brief description of their prevention and/or treatment services that address the specific hazard, challenge, disability or diagnosis that you selected. (10
  • points)
  • 0-20 points: 0 points for papers that have limited content and are poorly written and up to 20 points for a well-written paper, that provides in-depth research and demonstrates strong competency of the topic areas. ​Paper must be typed and double spaced.
  • To earn maximum points for each section, students must ensure to properly cite their sources and in-text citations and reference page are in APA format.
  • The length of the text of the paper should be approximately 4 to 6 pages, plus a title (cover) page and a reference page. Please provide headings for each section.

Papers should include 3-4 scholarly, academic sources including the textbook.

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