Please emphasize diabetes and obesity, and the community being unable to afford healthy foods/ adhere to healthy diets due to behavioral dysfunction.

• Identify resources in your community that would enable you to complete a community assessment and submit a summary of your findings.
• Examples of Community Strengths and Concerns, and assess the strengths and concerns of your community (2–3 paragraphs). — PLEASE EMPHASIZE DIABETES AND OBESITY AS CONCERN
• Identify potential barriers to implementing community health plans in your community and brainstorm ways of addressing these barriers (2–3 paragraphs).
Plan ahead: Next week, as Part B of this assignment, you will select one (1) identified risk from this assessment to develop a community-focused strategic plan to address that health risk. It is recommended that you look ahead to next week’s assignment so that you can begin framing your chosen community health focus. — I will be identifying poverty contributing to obesity and diabetes.

Your paper should be 2–3 pages in length, not including the cover and reference pages. Use APA throughout.

You must include 2–3 sources that are APA cited and referenced in your paper. (Sources may include community resources such as flyers, brochures, interviews, news stories, and local research data from credible sources.)

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