Dialogic journals

by | Jan 22, 2023 | History

GET ANSWER – Instructions. Journals in this course are dialogic journals, meaning they are designed to work together in two parts to help build critical thinking as well as writing skills.

Each part must be completed and should be at least 250 words per part (or 500 words total). You may exceed the recommended word counts; they are minimum targets.

Write using good paragraph organization and include citations when and where required.

1A—Write an analytical paragraph that considers the content and form of any of the engravings in the module.

Apply at least three of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design terms from the J. Paul Getty Museum handouts to develop an analytical paragraph that works to interpret not only what the etching expresses or represents, but how the artist worked to achieve that formally.

Support your analysis by developing how the artist incorporated those particular elements of art and/or principles of design to contribute to the overall expression or representation of the artwork.

1B—Write an analytical paragraph that considers the content and context of a different engraving from the module (that means don’t write about the same engraving for part A and part B).

How did the historical and cultural context of the engraving’s creation likely impact the artwork? How might the artist’s European perspective have shaped their artwork? Refer to specific details in the engraving in your support.

Consider also how this representation may have impacted European views of indigenous Americans as you develop your analytical paragraph.

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