Differences between goals and choices

Create a 1 page paper that discusses the differences between goals and choices. Do you know anyone who seems to be the opposite time-management type from you? What differences have you noticed in that person’s style of time management? I have known a friend who is never able to manage time no matter how hard he tries. The differences that I have noticed in him have included the fact that he is always rushing for things and he usually asserts his own self in a much less manner about things as I do. The result is that he usually ends up being late on most of the occasions. What is the biggest time management challenge you face right now while learning in the online environment? What specific strategy do you think will help you the most as you face this challenge? The biggest time management challenge that I face at the moment is of managing deadlines. These deadlines create problems for me since all of them are usually one after the other and thus my mind is always in a loop to solve the anomalies which exist. The strategy that I can make the best use of is taking one deadline at a time and working to full effect towards the completion of the task at hand. This will make me go with the flow and not to rush up things (Sternglass 1997).

5-What is the difference between an “active learner” and a “passive learner” to someone who has not taken this course. Would you consider yourself an active or passive learner? An active learner is a person who is proactively consistent with his learning endeavors. A passive learner, on the other hand, tries to learn where there is a dire need to study and get acquainted with the different study regimes. I am an active learner since I remain abreast with the changing times.

6-Describe how you usually feel when you take a test-your emotion (positive and negative) and level of confidence. If you usually experience negative emotions when you take a test, describe how you like to feel instead. Be as specific as you can. I usually feel very good when I test my emotions. I usually experience positive emotions whenever I take a test since I am always ready and willing to take a test. Since I want to achieve the best possible grades, I am always geared to give in my very best and this can only be done when I take the test in a positive fashion.

7-Whether your mathematical background is strong or not, you can probably think of one change you would like to make in your study habits in Math? My mathematical background is adequately sound. The one change that I would like to incorporate is in the form of remaining alert with each and every question that comes under math. This is because there are at times tricky questions which need more attention than the previous ones. I need to show more perseverance and commitment to my math study regimes.

8-Identify three online databases (either print or electronic) in your college library. Use these databases to find two books and two magazine articles about a subject that interests you. Post the results of this research as an online link in your discussion response

The answer to this can only be found from the college library.

Works Cited

Sternglass, Marilyn S. Time to Know Them: A Longitudinal Study of Writing and Learning at the College Level.

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