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The fact that the white community encourages their subsequent descendants to understand their importance and hold high esteem as the most superior race, does not dictate that other races should realize them in accordance with their beliefs (34). Takaki observes the culture of racism as ill and alarming to the American democracy as the individual populations grow intensely and new divisive measures are adopted. History portrays Jefferson in two dimensions. one as the person who initiated mandatory relocation of Indians to Louisiana thus leaving the arable land to the white settlers, a factor that implicates racism. Secondly, he banned slavery and its practice in America despite the fact that he owned many of them. Jefferson would think of Obama as inferior since his advocacy for the ban of slavery did not portray his will to treat the black race as fellow human beings (36).Ronald Takaki portrays the European ethnicity deeper by implementing the possible meaning that William Shakespeare seemed to establish in the play, “Caliban”. He establishes that Shakespeare portrays Prospero as an overthrown duke from the city of Milan who reflects an obsession with dominance and power. Prospero shows these attributes by setting sail to seek new territories which he would eventually own and dominate as a belief of leadership and civilization. Takaki relates Prospero’s greed to that of the Europeans to crave into alien territories with the desire to express authority over those territories (37). Ronald describes Prospero as a wicked white master who settles in the alien island named Caliban with his daughter without a show of any pride or intentions to secede power over the island.

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