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Write a 2 page essay on Of 5 different online sources.In this article, Cary reflects back in history when the legal drinking age was 18. With regular patrols by the university police, students drank responsibly. Being among the 7 minority countries with a high legal drinking age of 21, task forces aimed at solving the problems of alcohol and drug abuse in colleges would not bear fruit. lowering the drinking age would. The writer concludes with remarks of preference of seeing her child drink in a well-patrolled environment than letting the child drink in secret ending up binge drinking and drug-overdosing among other vices.Supported by evidence from research conducted for over twenty years, Engs in this article argues for the lowering of the legal drinking age to 18. Engs attributes the irresponsible drinking among many of the college students to the perception of drinking as “adulthood” and “rebellion against authority.” Similar prohibition laws failed twice in the 1920s and 1850s, hence no need to go back to them again. Citing the examples of Greeks, Italians, Chinese and Jews, the drinking age should be lowered, accompanied by appropriate education, so as to quash the notion of alcohol as poison and promote responsible drinking behaviors across all age groups.In support of lowering the legal drinking age, Griggs reports on the argument by Professor Dwight B. Health of Brown University that the younger the people start drinking, the safer they become, citing cultural models of countries like Italy and France. Through this, parents get to educate their children on alcohol and deter children from irresponsible drinking behaviors. According to Griggs, Professor Heath argues that the “’forbidden fruit’ syndrome” promotes irresponsible drinking with the drinking age banned to 21. Therefore, the US should opt out of the minority countries with higher drinking age and join the majority who have the drinking age as low as 16 and promote

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