For this paper, you need to choose a website, blog, podcast, or whatever you want and analyze it.

  • If you are using a show, a podcast, or a YouTube video, you need to directly name and reference the website that you obtained the media from and use that website navigation experience as the basis for your analysis section.
  • In the analysis section, be sure to include/discuss details like font size and type, color the scheme, and also address them in the evaluation section where you’ll describe whether they’re effective for users or not.
  • Make sure that you have an analysis/description of the functional parts of the website that you obtained a video or podcast form, and that you are NOT basing your paper on a summary or rhetorical analysis of the content of the video or podcast (for example, focus the analysis/description section on how users navigate the website, not on what the YouTuber or Podcaster says).
  • Use specific examples in the Evaluation section from the website (physical/functional features or text content) that help your readers understand why those specific features or content are effective or ineffective.
  • Be sure to specifically mention the intended audience in the INTRODUCTION of the essay, so that your readers know immediately who the web content is supposed to be aimed toward.
  • Use specific descriptions and examples in the analysis section to help your readers visualize the layout, look, and feel of the website and its component parts. Screenshots to supplement (not replace) your written descriptions are helpful!