Get Inside the head of a customer (Meaning all of you and me and everyone else), because this is what Marketers need to do to get their message heard and to drive customers to do what they want.”

In Marketing, the customer has to come first, you can’t market to a potential customer unless you understand their wants, needs, desires, state of mind, interest, income. Why do you think is important for a marketer to understand how a customer makes that final purchasing decision???

Indicate which of the following factors would most influence your decision, and then explain how a marketer could use this information to better market this New Car to you:

1. Price

2. Color

3. Style

4. Status

( Answer all points of each bullets with at least 4 good sentences, I suggest answer all points bullets with at least 4 good substantive sentences, address all points in bullet in at least 4 sentences Respond in YOUR OWN WORDS.

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