When television hit the scene, many people thought it was the death of the film industry. Today, film continues to be a strong and vibrant media industry. There is some controversy over one aspect of the industry—the ratings system.

For this post, please watch a 15 minute video summary of This Film is Not Yet Rated at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIncrMYRUJ0. The video clip contains (sexually explicit) material that some might find offensive or objectionable (the most sexually explicit material begins at about 1:05 and lasts until about 3:00, but it is also scattered throughout the clip). Because of this, YouTube requires you to “sign” that you are over 18. As an alternative, if you do not wish to watch the video clip, please read the information from the MPAA’s Classification and Ratings Administration at http://www.filmratings.com/ (pay particular attention to the How, Who, What and Why tabs).

In the first discussion topic for this course, you identified your favorite film. Take a guess at what that film is rated (don’t peek–just guess).
What types of scenes/activities might one expect from a film with this rating?
Explain why you chose this rating for the film. Now go look up the actual rating for the film. Were you right or wrong?
Take a position about whether or not you think the MPAA ratings system should continue. Defend your position. Regardless of your position, suggest one thing that you would change (be specific and original).
Finally, reflect on the posts of two other students by replying to their posts.
As always, cite all the information you use from an outside source (whether a direct quote or not). Put direct quotes from outside sources into quotation marks. Check your posts for spelling and grammar errors.

There is no rubric associated with this discussion topic, so please answer each question above thoroughly–with explanation and examples.

Here is the video link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIncrMYRUJ0

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