Disney’s Social Power

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses How Disney’s Social Power Has Influenced the Vision of the American Dream.is an interesting theme because this would provide an insight on the power of digital media in bringing about a revolutionary change in the society on all levels. This research caters for the needs of the contemporary era which is primarily a digital age and will become even more so as a result of the continued technological advancement in the future.The intended audience that would be interested in this research or who might benefit from the results of this research includes but is not limited to digital media owners and stakeholders, writers, cinematographers, actors, directors, producers, and the youth of America. Besides, this research would also produce valuable results for the policy-makers and law-making bodies.Walt Disney’s contribution to the contemporary media has been widely recognized, acknowledged, and appreciated. Walt Disney made a lot of contribution to the floursihment of entertainment world. Mickey Mouse, one of the cartoon characters introduced by Walt Disney provided a stereotypical image of the everyday American. Mickey Mouse was visualized as the alter-ego of Walt Disney (Mosley 148). The personality characteristics and traits idealized in the Americans including courage, bravery, persistence, and creativity were manifested in the character of Mickey Mouse. Subsequently, Minnie Mouse was introduced as the on-screen personification of the American Girl. Major scholars and theorists from the Hebdige to the Frankfurt School have explored Disney’s imperialistic nature, most of them identifying the readers as passive uncritical consumers (Martins 2).This research would fill the gap in the literature by identifying the factors related to the social power of Walt Disney that have contributed to the contemporary visualization of the American Dream. The research question would thus be. How Disneys social power has influenced the vision of the “American Dream”?A detailed literature review will be carried out to identify the possible factors

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