Disruptive and Emerging Technologies

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Business Studies

Disruptive and Emerging Technologies Chapter 13 introduces the concept of disruptive technologies, defined as new technologies or business models that can have a profound impact on entire industries, often dethroning market leaders and allowing new entrants to take over. Established companies often miss industry changes that threaten profitability and fail to respond quickly to new technologies or capitalize on the opportunities they present. This chapter emphasizes the impact of digital disruption and specifically, the Internet as a key disruptive technology and enabler of new business models.

To get started on the discussion assignment, review the article Disruptive Innovation, and then identify an industry undergoing disruptive innovation that interests you. Examples include: higher education (disrupted by online education), healthcare (disrupted by telemedicine and medical wearables), taxi industry (disrupted by ride-sharing companies like Uber or Lyft), newspaper industry, grocery industry (disrupted by Hello Fresh other subscription meal services), financial services (disrupted by mobile-based investment apps and blockchain), the entertainment industry (by streaming services), etc).

Research the industry and then discuss the disruptive innovation impacting it and use a specific example to support your posting.

Your posting should be about 2 paragraphs (~400-500 words) and include at least two additional resources and visual support using embedded videos, images, charts, etc. to add visual interest and support your discussion. Respond to one or more of your classmate’s postings.

Example: Machine Learning and Al in the Retail Fashion Industry: Your posting would include a summary of the industry and how technology is disrupting it – in this example the industry is the traditional retail shopping industry, and an example of a specific company is (e.g., StitchFix) or product. Include visuals and or videos that help explain the technology and/or how it is being used (to embed a video or image use insert stuff or insert images from the editing ribbon and resize as needed).

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