Disruptive Technologies

Write an argumentative essay on Disruptive Technologies. Needs to be 10 pages. Perhaps the most ancient material for writing devised by man was the clay tablet. The Sumerians and the inhabitants of Babylonians were the first ones to use clay tablets. These were basically square shaped flat bricks of clay that were inscribed by writing while they were wet. (“Britannica”, n.d.).

People by that time had devised a form of written language through symbols. These were obviously written symbols, and were engraved on wet clay bricks or tablets which were then baked in the sun and preserved. They used a devise called ‘stylus’ for imprinting the symbols in clay.The most logical problem with clay tablets was their size and breaking risk. Therefore, the people came up with something that met what they needed, which was the scrolls. The scrolls were made from a form of parchment, papyrus, or paper. These were actually small pieces of parchment attached to one another by some form of glue to form a long writing space. These were kept all rolled up in form of scrolls. In a scroll,The scrolls were found in Europe and western side of Asia. These were used by inhabitants of Egypt who used Arabic language that is written from right to left and were later adopted by other civilizations who wrote from left to right. Even in the current date, scrolls are used by Jews in their religious ceremonies.

Even though many people liked the usage of the scrolls, yet, they were looking for something smaller, lighter and flexible to be used. Therefore, they came up with the codex. Codex, according to Wikipedia is:Romans were the pioneers in codex. Codex was definitely superior to scrolls. It was much easier to handle as compared to scrolls. Codex made it possible for the reader to read while holding the pages almost spread out flat in front of him. With the spread of codex, scrolls became almost obsolete. The modern form of codex is the book in print as the modern world knows it. Printed books are still popular.Initially, all pages of a……..

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