Diversity in American Society

Diversity in American Society. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.America has placed high value on diversity, for instance, ethnic groups have transformed and celebrated their heritage, and children of immigrants grow up experiencing the languages. America’s success is due to establishment of society that embraces diversity and celebrates the differences of various cultures. The different cultures share core values such as education, family, faith and charity hence diversity has led to great success and development of American society.Due to immigration and oppression, that is, the paradox of Nativism in a Nation of Immigrants (America), English was the primary spoken language. The Alaska Natives and American Indians practiced English as their main language. Other immigrants who came to America learned the language. therefore, the current immigrants should do the same by learning or practicing English. Therefore, every individual who planned to live in America permanently had to assimilate and learn the English languageAlcoholism is the most common health problem. Native communities suffer from the common predictors of poor health such as unemployment, poverty, and high school dropout. The native people face five health problems. Alaska Natives and American Indians have high rate of diabetes. It is an issue of poverty and limited access to healthy food (Weaver, 2014). The government Рfunded Special Diabetes Program for the natives has helped improving the health of the diabetic. There is food movement to recover Native American cuisine and old agricultural practices.Native Americans succumb to injury at an early age as compared to white men. Native people are more prone to die by fire, in a car crash or die as a pedestrian. Sexual abuse is another issue among Native Americans. The American Indian women are highly raped more than the national average according to Justice Department. The tribal courts fail to prosecute non-native men who rape the native women on tribal lands.

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