Dividing human race

1. Dividing human race into three categories (Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid) is a scientifically sound attempt that could help understand human groupings and interactions. It is true that different races have their own unique genetic make-up; different personalities develop based upon their own genes. True or False?

2. Karl Marx emphasized the importance of traditional values such as kinship, race superiority, and cultural group identity more than Max Weber did in the study of social system and human interactions. Karl Marx believed that improving race relations is impossible because people are caught up with old tradition and hierarchical values. True or False?

3. Max Weber did not put the first priority on economy for the study of human interactions; rather he put emphasis on social honor, prestige, and heritage; therefore racist act regardless of the nature of economy or class interest would not be surprising to scholars who adopt the ideas of Weber. True or False?

4. According to the lecture, classifying people into white, black, yellow, etc was more needed by the elite/plantation/capitalist class than by the lower class in Europe and America. True or False?

5. According to Patricia Collins, financial status should not be the only way to measure inequality in a society. Other factors such as race identity, gender identity, and other social values should be considered to define social inequality. If an African American woman is earning $10,000 per year and a Caucasian American man is earning the same amount, these two people’s social position/power in social strata would be likely different. True or False?

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