Drama in literature

Write a 2 page essay on Drama in literature.entral idea of a drama or its theme is manifested through dialogue or action in the play or something which can be determined at the end of the entire show. Plot, as another significant element, pertains to the logical sequence of events within which distinct characters are connected. While the plot establishes the integral part of the play, the characters convey how plot should communicate the meaning or essence of drama, especially the theme being endorsed, to the target audience (Elements of Drama).Music which consists in the background score through songs and the sound effects the rhythm and melodious content of which serve as an ingredient element to enhance the quality of presentation, functions with the dialogue to stimulate further the intellect and sentiment of the viewers. Since drama is intended to be seen and heard at the same time, audio-visual aspects collaborate such that the visual element in costumes, props, and other visual effects make up the chief component that measures the extent to which the play is appealing to the each watcher (Elements of Drama).For the characters to develop the theme in drama, the actors playing distinct roles as such ought to assume them in a manner that displays realistic motives, thoughts and actions. As protagonist or the main character is met by the antagonist, there is in conflict a discovery of epiphany or revelation or anagnorisis, a truth signified through the pertinent acts being carried by the characters. On the other hand, the dimension, the type of atmosphere or setting in which the author or playwright locates the plot is showcased through differing background or physical environment to coincide with the progress of action. The setting includes lighting, paraphernalia as props, and gestures or movements that might contribute to animate and bring the play to achieve the life which is expected to flow with the drama and theme under development (Drama Guidelines).Essentially, the play is developed to

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