Drug offenders

Part 1As drug offenses continue to increase, and some believe that addiction is a medical issue that the United States chooses to punish, should drug offenders have more chances before probation is revoked? Why or why not?  Give a relative example!150-200 wordspart 2 Discuss the difference between state and non-state violence?  How does political based violence differ from other forms of violence? Give a current real-life example of political non-state violence.100-150 wordspart 3Describe the relationships among the structure, management and financing of terrorist organizations.  Describe the impact of each upon planning and controlling a terrorist campaign.150-200 wordspart 4 Wordplay and ImageryPatternsIdeologiesIntertextualityNarrative StructureBased on your understanding of these features, explain how Michelle Obama uses any or all of these in the excerpt from Becoming (Links to an external site.)  (Links to an external site.)and explain how you might incorporate these into your autobiographical memoir. 150-200 words

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