Ecological Systems and Human Welfare

Write a 13 page essay on Ecological Systems and Human Welfare in South Asia: Effects and Management.However, while such issues are indeed major worries for the governments and peoples involved. Another major problem has long beset the region for decades now. This is the ecological degradation that has affected majority of the region’s population. As the population continues to rise, neglect for the environment as well as its outright destruction to pave the way for modern infrastructure and industry have brought about the calamities such as floods, landslides, and droughts. These disastrous events only made encouraged worse poverty among the people. This paper discusses the causes and effects of the ecological problems in the region. This also provides an overview of the steps in sustainable development being undertaken by the public and private sectors, including some observations regarding the effectiveness of such measures.Mahatma Gandhi, India’s most famous leader in its struggle for independence, said that the “world is sufficient for everyone’s needs, but not for everyone’s greed.” He was referring to the fact that the world does not actually have an inadequate supply of natural resources that can be used to feed the billions of its human inhabitants. However, because of greed, whether it is corporate, state, or individual, the ecological systems have been destroyed and the natural resources, from flora, fauna, and minerals, have become depleted as a result. Gandhi certainly did not have to learn about the environmental problems of the whole world in order to make such statement. Even during his time, he could already see the growing seriousness of the problem in his own native land, India, which is more than half of South Asia. In the current times, South Asia is indeed in the stage when the efforts to solve the environmental problems still have to show signs of significant improvement. Such efforts, however, have stalled the pace of environmental

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