eCommerce web application

Tasks to be undertaken:

eCommerce platforms are usually web-enabled software that allows stakeholders such as businesses and consumers to exchange information and provide services that could result in buying and/or selling. Interactions among stakeholders could take the following dimensions:

S/NoTypes of eCommerceExample
1Business to Business (B2B)  Communication between amazon and FedEx regarding sales delivery. Usually internal to the business involved
2Business to Consumer (B2C)
3Consumer to Business to (C2B)
4Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

Sub-task 1:  As an ecommerce software designer and developer, you have been asked to suggest an e-commerce software that could facilitate interaction between two or more stakeholders mentioned in table 1 (i.e. business and consumers). The interaction is expected to drive business or service interaction.

  1. What ecommerce web application would you suggest? How will the web application work?
  2. Highlight at least four functional requirements of the e-commerce web application. 

Sub-task 2: Develop a 6-slide PowerPoint document that summarises the design of your proposed e-commerce software as follows:

  1. A title page that contains your P-number and the name of the e-Commerce web application design
  2. An Introduction that describes the e-commerce application, the purpose it will serve, its users, and technologies that will be used for creating the web application
  3. A use-case diagram that describes how users interact with the e-commerce web application.
  4. Entity Relationship Diagram(s) that suggests how the database tables interact.
  5. The class diagram that reflects the association between the classes/objects of the e-commerce platform
  6. Swimlane diagram that shows the stepwise user/system actions and how the actions unfold.

Submit the PowerPoint file to Turnitin.

Task B:

Using Microsoft Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), C# programming language, and SQL server database, develop a working artifact of your design in Task A. Please pay attention to the following:

  1. Ensure the web application demonstrate n-tier architecture.
  2. Show clear interaction with database and reflect efficient database design/structure. An example of interaction is data insert or update events.
  3. Reflect attributes of excellent coding technique, the program comes should be readable, efficient, extendable, unit-testable, and consistent.
  4. The artifact should be adaptable to a real-world situation.
  5. Show best practices such as error handling, user input validation, responsiveness using CSS/ JavaScript, and encryption of sensitive data.
  6. The program code should compile and run without syntax errors.

First, create 2 minutes video that demonstrates the e-commerce software you developed.  Secondly, zip the solution folder into a file. Finally, Submit the video file and zipped folder to Turnitin.

Deliverables to be submitted for assessment:

Students will be required to submit the following for assessment:

  1. PowerPoint Slide (design)
  2. Zipped Source Code (development)
  3. 2-3 minutes Video presentation (development)

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