Economic and political causes of the civil war

Compose a 1750 words essay on Describe and explain the major economic and political causes of the civil war (1861 to 1865), Beginning with the declaration of independence. Why, in your opinion, did Popular sovereignty fail as a solution to the division between the north and south. All others would have to fight for their liberty, including women, the Irish, the Italians, and most notably, those who were brought to the United States as slaves from Africa.The man who penned the Declaration of Independence was Thomas Jefferson, himself a slave owner although his belief in this practice is in question.He owned a slave through whom he had children. There are some who believe he loved her genuinely. others who think he used her. Jefferson owned over 150 slaves (Finkelman ix). Regardless to his feelings on the matter, the Declaration espoused a belief that all men were created equal, despite the fact that the definition of a man was in question. Jefferson was referred to as the ’negro president’, not for a system of beliefs, but because of the way in which he won his 1800 presidential election. By this time the Three-Fifths Clause had been adopted that made it so that each slave was counted as three-fifths of a citizen, increasing the power of the southern states through increased representation in congress and in the electoral college. It has been theorized that through this methodology of counting the population for political advantages, Jefferson won the election over Adams through the electoral college vote (Willis 1).The same advantages of population that was experienced in the South which gained them numbers gave them problems where taxation was concerned. Great debates had arisen during the formation of the Articles of Confederation as to whether or not it was fair to tax property or personage, or whether land should be the value through which taxation was measured. For the South, land was the answer because if property was taxed, they would be taxed for their slaves (Jenson 146). This debate furthered the rift between the North and the South as did the eventuality of the Three-Fifths Clause.A line of demarcation was created through the Northwest

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