Economic Final project paper and Power point

Need an argumentative essay on Economic Final project paper and Power point. Needs to be 12 pages. Through the different researcher studies, it has been proven that the automotive industry continues to rise in control of the world economy. It has even been observed that countries such as Korea and Japan are among the fastest growing countries today due to the fact that they are among the ones having great control in the automobile industry.Why is this particular fact relevant to the society today and how is this primary consideration affective in the process by which the world faces worldwide economic turmoil at present?Transportation is the well known factor that brings about the chance of every nation to progress. If seen carefully, researchers attest to the fact that the countries having the most advanced transportation system are those that are really able to face the different challenges of modern developments towards national progress. Why is this so?Transportation is often regarded as the most important fuel to national development. A country that has the most progressive sense of transportation are the ones that are able to link every inch of the country towards advancement. The roads and the public transport systems easily get people to and from work making it much easier for them to boost the national economy through being able to perform well for the economic advancement of the country. Obviously, every nation, big or small is usually defined by its system of transportation.Every system of transportation is fueled by the modern advancements in mobile creation. This fact has been recognized and understood through the years. Hence, as a result, the new innovative designs of automobiles are rather created to fit the needs of the modern society. Believably, the modern society welcomes new design that would best fit their demand for the best kind of transport and travel that they know they deserve. Hence, this is where the social role of the automotive industry comes in. Along with the industries providing the basic

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