Economic inequality

by | Mar 16, 2021 | College (3-4), Economics, Essay

  1. Pick a country you are interested in. Your task is to write about that country and the state of inequality in it. Some of that discussion should have comparative and temporal references. That is to say, at some point in the paper you should relate contemporary inequality in that country with earlier periods (temporal reference) and at some point compare the country to a reference group or reference country (comparative reference.) (Advice: pick a country you know a bit about or are interested in, and that you can find Gini figures for.) You may select the US if you place it in a comparative context. Your paper should identify Gini coefficients for the country you select and documents of how inequality has changed in that country since 1990.
  2. The essay should have five parts. (a) A descriptive title and a short introduction that situates the country you have selected in a global context. (b) A middle-section that summarizes the state of equality/inequality within the country you selected and how it compares to other countries. This is a good place to include Gini coefficients, including with link to where you found them. (c) A section detailing what is known about the sources of equality/inequality within your selected country. (d) A conclusion that articulates what is at stake and that makes a reasoned policy recommendation for what the selected country should do next to manage (in)equality. (e) A section called “References” that includes the sources you have used (see below on how to pick them) in proper citation style.
  3. The paper must cite a minimum of three articles by scholars. One of these should come from Week 11 (, the second should come from the 2016 World Social Science Report (available in Canvas), and the third you may select as you wish (including elsewhere on the syllabus or in the Report). A minimum of three references is expected, and the maximum allowed is 6. Use Chicago or APA Style citation practice.

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