Economic Research Paper about a country

by | Nov 13, 2020 | Economics, Research Paper

Prepare a 5 -7 Economic Research Paper about a country not including any graphs, maps etc. summarizing the results of your research and responding to the questions posted below.

The paper is to be typewritten, double-spaced, proofread and corrected for grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors. It should be 5-7 pages long. APA format should be used. (A copy of the paper should be posted on the project assignment link, which can be found on MO2 under the last week of classes.

Your paper and should include the following:

I. Introduction

What is the background of the country? What important information should your audience know as they read this report? What is are the most interesting things about this country which contribute to its economic development?
II. Analysis of Economic Data
Address the following topics regarding your country. Most of the following information can be obtained from the CIA World Factbook

A. Geography Natural Resources:

What is the size of the country? Compare it to a U.S. state. Where is the country located?
What are the natural resources for your country? What percent of the land can be used?
What are the natural hazards of the country? What are the current issues of the environment?
Discuss any other facts about the geography and natural resources you feel are important in understanding the economy of the country.

B. People and Society Labor Resources:

What ethnic groups are in your country? What is the population?
What is the age structure of the country? What is the infant mortality rate?
What is the life expectancy?
Discuss any other facts about the people and labor resources you feel are important in understanding the economy of the country.

C. Economy

Report on the GDP: Total GDP, per capita GDP and growth rate in GDP. Also give rankings in these areas.
What is the size of the labor force and the percentage of the labor force works in each industry?
What is the unemployment rate? What is the expenditure of the country?
Is there a budget surplus or deficit? If so, what percent of GDP?
What is the inflation rate (consumer prices)? What is the currency?
What are their major export commodities? Who are their largest export partners?
What are their major import commodities? Who are their largest import partners?
What is the unemployment rate?
Discuss any other facts about the people and labor resources you feel are important in understanding the economy of the country.

D. Government

What type of government doe this country have? What is the political situation?
Review its ranking in the Heritage Foundations’ Economic Freedom index. Describe how this country fared in the areas contributing to this ranking.
E. Transnational Issues:
Are there any disputes or issues with other countries?
Explain the disputes/issues

F. Other

Using the Internet, search for the following:
What major manufacturers have plants in your country?
How are the workers treated?
Is your country dependent on others coming and producing there for jobs?
Entrepreneurship: What famous products have been invented in this country?
What are the comparative advantages of this country?

III. Conclusion:

What factors contribute to this country’s prosperity or lack thereof? Describe key developmental challenges facing your chosen country. You can also convey some favorable or unfavorable developments in recent history of this country.
After evaluating the economics condition of this country. What characteristics of the country support or hinder its economic growth and development? Where might this country have comparative advantage? What indicators or data support your conclusion?
You can also add some suggestions for the policies that would address the challenges this country faces.

V. References

Please site references and sources used. APA format should be used.

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