Effective motivational techniques

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses effective motivational techniques: private versus public organizations. The highlight of the findings would reveal which motivational programs and incentive schemes are most crucial in enhancing employee performance and increasing productivity on a comparative basis. A concluding portion would summarize relevant details from the discourse. Effective Motivational Techniques: Private versus Public Organizations One of the most closely monitored and evolving concepts in organizational behavior is motivation. Diverse professionals and business practitioners have conducted various studies that revealed the crucial impact that motivational programs have spurred towards the achievement of organizational goals. Factors that have been proven to enhance employee performance and productivity have been scrutinized, ranging from remarkable cash benefits and non-monetary incentive schemes, or a combination of both. However, since contemporary organizations have evolved and were delineated in terms of structure, purpose and roles, public and private organizations, for instance, could not possibly apply the same set of motivational programs deemed to be effective in their respective workplace settings. In this regard, the paper aims to proffer pertinent issues relative to comparative motivational techniques deemed effective in private versus public organizations in the United States.

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