Effects of Media in the Society

Write an article on Effects of Media in the Society. It needs to be at least 1750 words. Currently, media has evolved to an extent that society will never be complete without it. Despite the good roles media plays in society, could it have some negative impacts?Access to media has improved due to increased media platforms in society. Currently, there are over a million media platforms ranging from the internet, newspapers, TV, and radio broadcasting stations among others. Starting with the positive impacts, Media has really opened the current generation’s eyes. Media has enabled us to be aware of our rights. From a historical perspective, in the 1850s, the rich could take advantage of the poor’s ignorant and make them toil in the fields for long hours then pay them, peasants. During such an era, only the rich could access the media and know what is happening around the world. However, this came to a stop when the media came in place and enabled even the poor to know their rights. Currently, media has like the people’s advocate, for instance, there have been cases where the rich wish to deprive the poor of their land among other possessions but the media will capture the story and make it a public domain, and the poor will always win. We have seen media covering live court hearings to keep the society or public in the light. This means that the responsible professional will do the right thing as the whole public is under their watch and this has greatly improved the judiciary. Increased access to media has enabled increased revenue to the government and this has stabilized the local and international economy (Slaughter, 34). When someone buys a television set or a radio, there is a tax that goes to both the federal and national governments. Through the taxes, the state could have good roads, public schools, and health care facilities among others. Furthermore, the media houses or companies also pay some taxes to the government which could be channeled to development. Furthermore, the media has created a huge pool of employment for both the locals and professionals from foreign nations. However, increase access to media has also created some negative impacts on society. Media is believed to contribute to diseases like obesity and high blood pressure among others (Wortham, 104).

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