Effects of news media

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Effects of News Media.Secondly, the journalists have often received threats of violence and legal action from people avoiding unfavorable publicity. This is a significant challenge especially if the coverage is on drugs or political agendas that are opposed to the government.The career is also risky based on the bribes that are presented to the media to avoid publication of an unfavorable story. Some journalists may be vulnerable to bribes which results to dishonest at work and an eventual dismissal. Other key challenges relate to gifts that are used by leading companies to buy friendship with the media so as to avoid bad publicity, family where a journalist may fear to offend the clan, organization or friends by producing an article on them and tradition in which case the writer may be pressured into a certain patterns of behavior (Campbell, Martin & Fabos 387).As a journalist, one has to be careful on what sites in the web the right information can be obtained. The credibility of information especially with regard to political issues in the websites is questionable since most of the people will post issues that favor and are of interest to them. Some may not even weigh the repercussion of the information they post in these sites. A journalist thus has a challenge to look at the formation provided and obtain data that is relevant, accurate, fair, unbiased and concentrate more on the content information and source. In this case, the journalist has to understand that the news publicized influence the level of thinking of the readers of such content. Therefore, media production is not just about writing articles, but more about filtering all content to ensure that the information provided is proper.The information and news media have influenced the American culture through many ways. Not only do they produce proper and relevant information, but also destructive sites especially with regard to pornographic material. The media thus has a social

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