The topic of outsourcing/offshoring seems to stir strong emotions as of late. Some would even say that outsourcing/offshoring is killing the U.S. economy. Keeping the discussion on the topic of business (and not politics), what are your thoughts? Are we doomed as a country if we continue to outsource/offshore? There should be plenty of opinions in reputable press publications that you can draw from.

I’ll let you all define the four threads of discussion for this week. However, some ideas may be the effects of outsourcing/offshoring on the following:

  • the U.S. labor market
  • global welfare and security
  • cost of goods or cost of living in the U.S.
  • innovation (U.S., global, or both), and firm efficiency.
  • Or, you might just open a thread on the general winners and losers. In any case, have fun with this one.