Elements of a simple business plan

In the preceding weeks of this course, you have developed elements of a simple business plan for your Course Project. This Course Project was designed to help you appreciate the importance of the information that is included in such a plan. But that is just the beginning. If you take the time to do the initial planning and then never refer back to what you have done, much of your effort will be wasted. Equally important to the initial development of the plan is establishing benchmarks and scheduling reviews of the original plan. As your business grows, it might be necessary to adapt the plan to changing conditions, but this plan will still be the compass that guides your course and keeps your vision alive.For this final week, you will add two pieces to your business marketing plan.

First, you will write a 1- to 2-paragraph executive summary that briefly summarizes the key points of your plan. The summary should be clear enough that someone unfamiliar with what you are doing would have an overall idea of what you are proposing.

You will also write a 1-page summary outlining how your company would use your plan to continually grow and market your venture. In the summary, evaluate the plan for its short- and long-term feasibility. Is it easily adaptable to changing conditions? The summary should also detail how you would measure success (both financial and non-financial measures).

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